Cora Crimson is a hypersurrealist painter who uses highly-detailed portraiture and subconscious imagery to illustrate a variety of darkly inspired narratives. Her work is known to often portray swarms of ladybugs and other insects invading the space of her portraiture subjects, creating an atmosphere of anxiety and discomfort. As both a photographer and painter, she constructs and captures scenes of her models, which are then painted in high detail and fused with surreal imagery taking on a photorealistic yet painterly quality. With dark emotional overtones, her work combines the real and the unreal, giving the viewer a sense that reality is both questionable and slightly unsettling. Cora's work has been exhibited internationally, and has been featured by publications both in print and online. She is also a member of the Strange Dreams Surreal Art Collective, and a contributing artist for 78 Tarot.